Metcalf Cabin

This cabin was built from timber taken from the site around 1827.  Construction is single-pen split logs, half-dovetail notched corners with bevelled interiors.  The single hearth is made entirely of stone.  The chimney is also completely made of stone and was chinked with the same material used for the logs. Originally one and one half stories, four levels of logs were removed in the 1940’s.  It was last used as a residence in the 1920’s when a newer main house was constructed.  That newer structure is now the main residence for Cindy and her husband Rod Bowling who is the former Executive Director of the Madison County Arts Council.  Both buildings have undergone extensive remodeling.  The Metcalf cabin is now used as a guest house and is available for short vacation rental directly through us or through Airbnb (Cabin and Food Near Asheville.)

Three Counties

This cabin has been situated in three North Carolina counties - without moving!  Originally, the property on Big Deadening Branch creek was part of Buncombe County whose seat is Asheville.  When Yancey County was formed in 1833 out of Buncombe and Burke counties, the property became part of that county.  Burnsville is the Yancey County seat.  Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Rockies at 6684 ft, is located only 10 miles away from the cabin in Yancey County.  In 1851, Madison County was formed out of Yancey and Buncombe counties.  Marshall is the Madison County seat.  The cabin has been part of Madison County since that time.  It is adorned with a quilt square (as is the property’s barn) because it is part of the Madison County Arts Council Barn Quilt Project.  Cindy’s mother, Jeannette McKim of Columbus, Indiana, designed the award-winning poinsettia pattern on the cabin.  The pattern on the barn is called Tree of Forbidden Fruit.

Finding mudluscious studio

The studio is situated on Big Deadening Branch which is a Class II watershed stream feeding into Paint Fork Creek which in turn feeds into the Big Ivy system which ultimately contributes to the French Broad River basin and watershed.  The French Broad River has the distinction of being the third oldest river in the world and is one of the few that flows south to north!

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historic cabin